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From Addis to Zanzibar


Now Iím here Ė at Mercuryís café in Zanzibar - on a seaside rendezvous with the love of my life.

It feels good to smell the ocean again after a long and dusty trip. Watching the scene in front of me Ė a football fight between the local kids - I imagine young Freddie playing the game on these beaches many years ago just as the boys are playing now. Life is real.

Itís a beautiful day like made in heaven but Itís late already and as the night comes down I feel that these are the days of our lives which we will forever remember when Ė some day one day 30 years from now - we are lazing on a Sunday afternoon.

Sure, leaving home ainít easy. But it is better than to lament a lost opportunity which might return nevermore. You and I Ė we only had a blurred vision of what to expect in Africa when we landed in Addis four months ago: Just trying to escape from the swamp for a while. Was it all worth it? Definitely.

Travelling never fails to perform a kind of magic on us. There are just so many fascinating places. And we are happy that we could experience some unforgettable moments. Of course pain is so close to pleasure and not everything was rosy. We were under pressure sometimes. And on other times we got to feel that we were the muzungu (white man) in a foreign land.

Well, we have been long away and in only seven days we will be back home. Thinking about it I am going slightly mad but after all the show must go on. Now is a good moment to look back on our trip from Addis to Zanzibar and share with you, dear friends, what our tops and flops have been:

Top moments

1. Sunrise on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro
2. Sunset at Saha Point in the Simien Mountains
3. Riding the rapids of the White Nile
4. Playing lion cups in the Serengeti
5. Sunset on Lake Chamo
6. Pool with a view over the Serengeti
7. Lying in the hammock in Emmaís garden in Kampala
8. Watching mating octopuses, Zanzibar
9. Gelada baboons putting on a show in the Simien Mountains
10. Eating Bunyonyi balls at Lake Bunyonyi

Flop moments

1. Car crash in Uganda
2. Having to abandon the hope to climb Margherita Peak
3. Motorcycle breakdown on the way to see the chimpanzees
4. 24 hour bug tying us up on several occasions in Ethiopia
5. Thieves stealing clothes from our backpacks in Moshi
6. Damaged axle on our safari vehicle on the way to see our first rhino
7. Unfriendly reception at a Mursi village
8. Rainy night under the mosquito net
9. Failed attempt to enter the Congo without visa
10. Flat tyre on the way to see the sunrise in Dallol

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