Biography is a website by Brigitte and Nico Moser.
All photos on this site were taken with a Canon EOS 5D camera.

Our interest in photography arouse from our passion for travelling and since our first shared trip to Australia in 1998 the two are hopelessly intermingled. While fifteen years ago we snapped the Sydney Opera with a Minolta miniature film-camera borrowed from a friend we soon upgraded to a bigger model. Since 2005 when we set out for a two years round the world trip we are using a digital SLR.

Many trips followed and so were upgrades to our camera kit. Today we photograph mainly with a Canon EOS 5D and three zoom-lenses. Sometimes we still wish that we had a bigger tripod or an even sharper lens but then again our trips are not only about photography and for us it is often more important to get to remote places in order to get a special shot than to get the perfect picture from a lookout with carpark.

While Nico prefers to shoot landscapes and is always fascinated by the possibilities of the ever changing light conditions, Brigitte developped a liking for portraits. However, instead of comitting ourselves to one field of photography we like to think of ourselves as travelling photographers which allows us to capture whatever catches our eye on this diverse and lovely planet.